Orbitsound T12v3 soundbar interchangeable fronts

Let’s be honest, an Orbitsound T12v3 soundbar makes a stylish addition to the home. Launched by the acclaimed British audio technology brand, Orbitsound back in August, the T12v3 soundbar delivers the ‘spatial sound’ experience that Orbitsound are renowned for, and in doing so, has proved highly popular. And highly popular technological gadgets, it seems, cannot escape being ‘milked’ for every penny, and are usually followed by a series of accessories to adorn, improve and generally ‘show off’ a loveable device. The latest device, despite being super-stylish in its original form, unable to escape the inevitable string of accessories, post the seal of public approval proved by high sales figures, is the T12v3 soundbar, with a series of interchangeable fronts being launched, just in time for Christmas!


You can now ‘personalise’ your favourite soundbar with a range of seven stylishly coloured fronts, designed to suit the décor of any modern home. Intent on staying ‘ahead of the game’, Orbitsound has based its colour range on the interior trends predicted for 2012. The ‘bold’ collection of distinctive coloured interchangeable fronts, include Pillar Box Red, Pistachio, Ivory, Mustard, Plum, Pebble, and Duck Egg….  “Duck Egg”?!?

A Pillar Box Red soundbar certainly promises to transform the device into the focal point, as well as the talking point of a room but I’m not so sure about Duck Egg. Being unsure what colour Duck Egg actually is, I ask my trusty source Google, which informs me that Duck Egg is ‘a pale greenish blue colour, like that of some duck eggs.’ Why Orbitsound didn’t opt to call this shade a more alluring Agua Serene, or Tantalising Turquoise, instead of Duck Egg I’ll never know!

No doubt these interchangeable fonts will be a hit amongst style-conscious consumers, and if you’ve already spent £299.99 on a T12v3 sounbar, what’s another £29.99 to make it the colour of your choice?