TruLink 3 Play Video Digital Audio Selector

I’m guessing the guys at CablesToGo spend a lot of their time just staring at people’s home cinema setups, frustrated at all the inefficiencies. After watching a seemingly innocent and everyday set of actions in front of a TV I’m guessing the leap up in a fit, exclaim “there must be a better way!” and hurry off to their lab where they spend most of their time, tirelessly slaving away to make your living room entertainment a little less messy.


What problem has their laser-guided eye landed on this time. Well if you’re a bit of an AV enthusiast and have recently invested in a new home theatre system you will find that as much as you love it, it is likely to only have 1 fibre optic Toslink input. This will cause a problem as you want to be able to hook up your PC, Sky, DVD player and game console to your system. *drumroll* Until now!

CablesToGo has launched The TruLink 3 Play Video Digital Audio Selector which can connect up to three Toslink digital audio inputs, three stereo analogue audio pairs and 3 component video signals to a single component video output. Like countless other Cables2Go products we’ve looked at in the past, the selector is compact, very simple to install and operate and includes a wireless IR remote control for convenience and control. In keeping with Cables2Go tradition, the unit is a sleek black box, and sort of makes you want to see a Cables2Go guy’s living room and marvel at the neat array of black boxes quietly making everything better.

The CablesToGo Component 3-1 Video Digital Audio Selector is available immediately through retailers including Amazon from £49.99