AblePlanet’s Clear Harmony Sport Earphone SP1150 review

The loneliness of the long-distance runner is something I’m intimately familar with (And the middle distance runner. And the short distace runner. And when sprinting for the bus. Basically I’m very lonely). I not a big fan of running in the best of circumstances but I **hate** running when I’ve left my headphones behind. The endless monotony of the task in hand (especially on a treadmill) is borderline unbearable. But not all headphones are up to the task of keeping me entertained why I try to jog myself thin. Sweat has been know to attack certain headphones of mine. Even worse poor fitting earbuds have been prone to fall out. I should probably mention that I’m an amateur traceur as well so I’m a little more demanding than your average runner, and the last thing I need on a jump is worring about headphones falling out of my ears.


Enter AblePlanet’s Clear Harmony Sport Earphone (the SP1150 to be precise). It’s pretty clear from the moment you lay eyes on them that AblePlanet take their sports earphones pretty seriously. The Clear Harmony has an incredibly well designed earloop that feels more like a hearing aid than an earphone – I mean that as a compliment. The ComfortFit sound isolation tips block exterior sound and create as you’d expect a custom fit. There’s a very secure feeling as it clicks behind your ear and I tried a variety of shakes, wiggles and even a headspin without managing to dislodge them. Much like a telemarketing campaign, that’s a ringing endorsement.

So the sports part is pretty rock solid. How about the earphone side of the equation? Well the SP1150s come loaded with Patented LINX AUDIO®, Hear the Difference® technology, which is “Award-Winning”. In practical terms, this means that they sound pretty fantastic, with full rich bass sounds, clear high tones and intelligible speech (unless of course you have your mumblecore playlist on full blast).

All in all, a thunderingly good pair of earphones.

AblePlanet’s Clear Harmony Sport Earphone SP1150 are yours for $189.99 from AblePlanet.