Small yet perfectly formed – Pioneer’s new range of Slim AV Micro Systems

Just announced by Pioneer is a new range of multifunctional AV systems. Small in size but big in functionality, the range can cater for most flavours of media, including Apple iPod and iPhone connectors, DVD, CD, AUX input, along with FM radio channels. In fact, everything you could dream of from an AV system.


In total there are three models released as part of the range, the X-SMC5, X-SMC3 and X-SMC1. Each model boosts sleek looks with an all-in-one body and Apple’s AirPlay technology, allowing it to be used as a docking station for your i-device. The docking station itself is nicely integrated into the main body of the system, and smartly pops out at the touch of a button.

Taking up the minimum of space on your worktop, desk or bookshelf, the systems feature a small stand and speakers which grant surprisingly sharp performance. The 2x20w speakers are loud enough to be heard from across the busiest office or awaken you from the deepest sleep. For those who wish to keep their musical habits a more private affair, there are also ports to plug your headphones into.

Along with the docking station and speaker set-up, the AV systems include a number of technically-pleasing features. The AirPlay application allows users to stream music from their iTunes library held on any Apple device, PC or Mac through a WiFi connection. The Air Jam app (which is available for free in the iTunes store allows up to four Bluetooth connected devices to create a collective playlist that can be played back through the AV system. Very clever, although be prepared for a few arguments when it comes to choices of song.

Oh, and did we mention the AV systems can also be used as an alarm clock? Indeed, the only worry you will have is deciding what format of media you will be woken up to…

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