TruLink 4-Port HDMI Selector Switch: Helping your HDMI devices learn how to share

We’ve been playing with TruLink products for sometime now and they have a solid history of producing reliable little widgets that help your gadgets play nicely with each other. They remind me of and old Demetri Martin joke about they way to fortune isn’t necessarily being an amazing inventor but being a guy who makes screws and being around an amazing inventor. That way every time some says “I think I’m going to build a bridge” you can stand right beside them and say “You’ll probably need some screws.”


The problem with HDMI is that it is relatively new. As a result, many flat-panel TVs only have a few HDMI inputs (which at the time probably seemed excessive), but gaming consoles, receivers and DVRs all output in HDMI. So noting the proliferation of HDMI equipped boxes all vying for space in your TV or AV receiver (even phones pack HDMI ports nowadays) Trulink have introduced the TruLink 4-Port HDMI Selector Switch by CablesToGo.

Like most TruLink products we’ve looked at, the 4-Port HDMI Selector Switch has a wonderful “does what it says on the tin” quality to it and provide additional high definition digital inputs for your DVD players, Blu-ray players, HD-DVD players, gaming consoles, Sky box and cameras. The device is also compatible with most HDMI 3D devices allowing you to switch between 3D devices on your 3D display. And nice sleek black box with big shiny select/power button on the front, the 4-Port HDMI Selector Switch fits in nicely with most home theatre systems. Three of the ports are, as you would expect, housed around the back of the device, with port 4 located at the front – which is handy when you think about various devices that you might want to plug into the box – cameras, camcorders, mobile phones or tablets. There’s also a super simple remote control that lets you easily power on and toggle between inputs.

The CablesToGo TRULink 4-Port HDMI Selector Switch is available immediately through retailers including Amazon from £86.50,