Who let the iHogs out?

Home Entertainment company Speakal has brought its very own piggy to market in the shape of the iHog iPod/iPhone docking station speaker system, which allows you to take your music out into the great outdoors.


iPhone and iPod users can go the whole hog and listen to their favourite tunes using this cute pink or white piggy (a black and a black-and-white model will be available soon), which is bound to be a hit with kids and teenagers (and a fair few adults we reckon). It follows on from the release of the smaller and non-portable iPig a couple of years ago.

This universal cradle can hold all iPods and iPhones, and can be taken outside, whether in the farmyard or garden, thanks to its own lithium rechargeable battery, which offers power to drive your porker for up to 10 hours, while also charging up your mobile device.

On the sound front, this little piggy promises to deliver 360 degree of sound from two tweeters, two sound diffusers and a downring 20 Watt subwoofer. The super amplification stereo system, with optimized airflow, offers frequencies from 50Hz to 2KHz for a total output of 28+ Watts, which should fill up any room (or pigsty for that matter).

We’re used to seeing a volume rocker or key on most devices these days, but to alter the volume of music on the iHog, you just push the hog’s ears to turn sound up or down, while touching its head will let you stop, pause or skip tracks. A remote control is also included.

The system can also be connected to a TV, games console or any other music source to amplify the sound.

“After two consecutive years of great success for the smaller iPig, Speakal is excited to launch the most powerful speaker system yet – the iHog,” said David Solomon, CEO, Speakal. “For everyone who enjoyed their iPig at home, now you can take the fun outdoors anytime, with the new portable music companion.”

And if you’re the one who brings home the bacon, you’ll be forking (or should that be porking?) out a pretty pricey £80 for some piggy-shaped tunes this Christmas.