Ted Baker and Proporta Kindle 3 Covers

As aphorisms go, “You can’t judge a book by its cover” is a classic. Until aphorisms catch up with the more age, you can however judge a Kindle owner by their cover, so for the fashion conscious book lovers among you Ted Baker have once again teamed up with accessory experts Proporta, this time to release a set of swanky Kindle covers.


We’d looked at one of their previous collaborations here where they had formed a tag-team to make fancy looking iPhone cases.

This time they have more literary aspiration and protect your Kindle 3 from the elements. The case is faux-leather and we saw in in both black and white. There’s a discreet metal button on the bottom right hand corner that serves not function other than to look cool.

On the inside cover is a little sleeve for random scraps of paper but it’s very tight so it’s literally just for a scrap or two.

In contrast with the wrinkled inner lining, the inside has a smooth lining that is very, very shiny and a little like a house of fun mirror. The black case has a purple inner lining and the white case has what I can only describe as pink gold.

There’s also a lovely unique designer Ted Baker floral lining that looks fabulous but that will be hidden 99% of the time by your Kindle 3. But it is very pretty.

Your kindle is held snugly in place and the case adds very little weight to your reading experience. All the ports are also free and unobstructed so it’s easy to charge your Kindle with power or books.

Want to get your hands on one? Yours for about £45 from Proporta or Amazon