Pioneer BDP-140: Networking and 3D Blu-ray media powerhouse

The Pioneer BDP-140 is the first model from Pioneer’s new 3D Blu-ray player range. With the high level of competition, it’s a difficult market to enter, so Pioneer have picked a unique selling point: it’s all about the networking.


The BDP-140 has an Ethernet port (for wired integration), as well as wifi (via the Pioneer AS-WL300 wireless LAN converter) to connect the 3D Blu-ray player to your home network. This’ll unleash a wealth of content options.

By hooking up 3D Blu-ray with the internet, users will be able to use BD-Live to stream web-based extras onto the system.

An internet-connected BDP-140 also brings YouTube videos and Picasa photo albums to your TV, utilising the same interface used for all the other types of playback. Other developers, take note: a unified interface is key to internet TV.

The player is also DLNA certified, so video, audio and photo from compatible computers (or tablets/phones) can be streamed straight to the device and onto the big screen.

The supported formats include MKV, DivX Plus HD, WMV and MP3, plus a JPEG viewer for photo slideshows – all playable via CD, DVD, USB or LAN.

A real killer-feature is the iPhone and Android remote control app. As long as the player is connected to the internet, Pioneer’s iControlAV2 app allows wireless control of playback and navigation functions.

It wouldn’t be much of Pioneer product without great sound – and so you’ll find support for a broad range of audio and video disc types, as well as a developed multi-channel audio experience.

High-definition audio formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio are supported, outputted natively as bitstream or decoded internally and output as uncompressed multi-channel LPCM on HDMI. For non-audiophiles, the means sweet sound.

And – like all Pioneer products, it comes in a wonderful bachelor black – the industry standard for serious audio/visual hardware.