New Linn Majik Isobarik and Klimax speakers

Audiophile? Then get ready for some aural delight at Linn’s new Klimax range of amplifiers and loudspeakers.

The UK-based sound engineers have spent 12 years working to sequel the original Linn Klimax, during which they’ve developed three additions to the range, with two new power amplifiers and an audio board coming out.


The Klimax DS audio board has been completely re-designed with new audio circuitry to minimise distortion, jitter and noise floor – Linn promises that customers “will be astounded by the dramatic performance increase never before thought possible from this world-class system.”

The company are so pleased with their new updates that they’re offering a “The Renew DS upgrade package”, which – along with the new audio board – repurposes existing customer’s audio boards into a custom-built enclosure.

The result? Your old Klimax becomes a second DS player for use in another room of the home. And thanks to the new Klimax DS’ Songcast feature, you can even use the old system to playback music playing on the new one, creating perfectly synchronised multiroom playback.

It’s a great idea – not only do you get a better audio board, but your old one isn’t wasted – it can actually build onto your new system. We’d like to see more manufacturers in all industries doing this.

Meanwhile , the Klimax Solo and Klimax Twin amps benefit from a new, bespoke “Dynamik” power supply that boasts the output even further. Unsurprisingly, the Twin doubles up for an even greater output.

Linn are also releasing a new Majok Isobarik floor-standing loudspeaker – 35 years after the original was launched.

It’ll feature a 2K driver array to create an even sound response, as well as an 8” ported isobaric bass system that produces the same bass as a non-Isobarik design in half of the enclosure size.

The bass drivers have been mounted face-to-face to ensure symmetry; while the positioning of the Isobarik system means that you’ll get truly omni-directional bass.

The new Majik Isobarik loudspeakers are available from £3,500.