Radiopaq Duo review: Bargain basement beats

When it comes to headphones (and many other things I’m sure) this job has spoiled me. After testing (and sadly sending back) some amazing, high-end equipment, it’s hard to go back to the world of “headphones Shem can actually afford”. Or is it…


The Radiopaq Duo has an RRP of £19.99 and can be had on Amazon for half that if you’re lucky. “So what” you might think? “There are plenty of cheapy, crappy headphones for that price”. While this is true, what sets the Radiopaq Duo is that they look, feel and sound fantastic.

Now i don’t want to get carried away – the Radiopaq Duos are not the best headphones I’ve ever tested. But for their price range, they are a clear contender for best budget headset of 2011.

Design-wise, I found the Duo’s to be pleasing to the eye veering on funky – without ever really crossing the line over into being ostentatious. The headband and the cups are both comfortable and can be worn over long periods of time without irritation.

All very well and good. But how will it cope with “This is Dupstep volume 15: Here comes the Dubstepper (murderer)”? I’ve seen headsets thrice the price fail to convey some truly ridiculous bass, so it’s a credit to the Radiopaq line that they held up well. Bass, mids and trebles all put in a better-than-expected performance and the 40mm sound drivers have superb stereo separation. They can leak some high-frequency sounds so they’re aren’t ideal for high-end studio work – but then again most headphones aren’t.

The Radiopaq Duos are available in all good store and some bad some and can be found online at