PURE’s EVOKE Mio – Abacus Flower Edition: Chic, simple and environmentally-conscious

The latest example of a fashion designer teaming up with a technology company is the EVOKE Mio – Abacus Flower Edition, a portable FM radio by PURE. PURE’s newest radio has been designed by the internationally renowned designer, Orla Kiely and features her signature stem print.


The EVOKE Mio – Abacus Flower Edition is the second PURE radio to be designed by Orla Kiely, and follows in the footsteps of the hugely popular PURE EVOKE Mio. Kiely’s second collaboration with PURE mirrors much of her first, in that it features the designer’s signature stem print , mirror chromed handle, walnut veneered cabinet and cream fascia. In fact the only difference between the two radios, is that the Abacus Flower Edition comes in slate grey and is imprinted with flowers, while the EVOKE Mio possesses a front and back embossed with a bright, multi-coloured leaf pattern.

Whilst the Irish fashion designer assures us that stylistically the two radios “contrast well” and will the functional and down to earth designs will “complement any home interior”, internally there are little differences.

The EVOKE Mio – Abacus Flower Edition, likes its predecessor, features both FM and digital radio and an input for a MPS player and iPod. Thanks to support for the optional ChargePAK that allows up to 24 hours of portable listening between charges, this boldly designed radio can be taken outside the home and would act as a ‘colourful’ addition to picnics and barbeques.

The Abacus Flower Edition – yes I couldn’t be bothered writing its full name – features an alarm, kitchen timer and 30 pre-sets. In possessing textSCAN and Intellitext, information can be stored and browsed through at a later date scrolling text can be paused and controlled.

In-keeping with PURE’s commitment to looking after the environment, its latest radio has received a recommendation by the Energy Saving Trust and is part of the EcoPlus, meaning it’s reduced power consumption , use of recycled materials, and smallest possible packaging, minimises its environmental impact on the planet.

This chic and environmentally-conscious radio costs £149.99 and will be available exclusively at John Lewis from the end of August.