Viewsonic launches revamped PJD5 projectors

A lightweight, high clarity projector is a vital tool for anyone in the world of sales, marketing or teaching. It can bring a presentation to life, but equally, if it’s substandard, could ruin a perfect pitch.


Seasoned US manufacturer ViewSonic has taken a good look at its PJD5 range and invigorated it with a spring clean and some added functionality.  With a sleeker and more optimised design, the overall size of the units has been reduced by 20% weighing in at just 2.6 kg. The main benefit to users however will be the improved colour and clarity which has been significantly enhanced. Using ViewSonic’s BrilliantColour technology, the PJD5 range now features 2,700 lumens and a contrast ratio of 3000:1 which can be fine tuned to suit any type of presentation.

There are five model choices in the range, and whilst all of the are 3D ready and capable of accepting 120Hz input from sources such as Sky 3D, 3D Bluray or Sony Playstation,  the PJD5123 comes with SVGA resolution, the PJD5223 and PJD5233 with XGA and the flagship  PJD5523w with both WXGA and HDMI.

Oddly though, the range doesn’t support USB or memory flash drive functionality which is an oversight considering how important mobile media is these days, but there is a mini USB port for a mouse.

Trevor Holt, ViewSonic’s European Product Manager comments “We have made subtle but important changes, such as introducing a built in presentation timer, mouse control function via the projector remote control and enhanced security with Kensington slot and security bar.   All these new features continue to differentiate ViewSonic projectors from our competitors.”

If you are into 3D just be aware that whilst the PJD5 range is ‘3D ready’ you will need an additional 3D processor (the VP3D1) and a pair of compatible active shutter glasses too.

For business users though, this looks to be an affordable and lightweight range that will do your presentations proud.

The models are available from £249 plus VAT.