Robert’s Radio Messenger, Record R and Fusion

Robert’s Radio have been around for 80 years and over time have become a staple of well to do kitchens and living rooms across the land. Unlike some traditional brands however, they haven’t hidden behind their classic status as a reason to stagnate and they invited us down to have a hands on with some of their latest innovations in radio.


The most eye-catching radio on offer (with the possible exception of the Union Jack Revival radio) was the Messenger DAB/FM, affectionately dubbed the “egg timer radio” by everyone in the room. Asides from the basic DAB and FM radio functionality, the Messenger packed a host of kitchen-based innovations. There’s a little button on the top that allows you to record simple voice memos – “dinner’s in the oven”, “microwave this for 5 minutes” etc. It’s a neat touch to a sleek unit that is clearly designed to blend in with a modern kitchen. There is of course also an egg timer. RRP £100.

Ever been in the middle of listening to a fascinating debate on the wireless and had to answer the doorbell (or the call of nature)? The Robert’s Record R brings PVR like functionality to DAB and FM radio and enables you to pause or rewind live radio (for up to 60 minutes, after which you can head to the iPlayer). As the name suggests you can also record DAB and FM radio onto an SD card, which records in DRM-free mp3 format that you can playback on any compatible device without restrictions. RRP£100

The ubiquity of iDevices has not escaped Robert’s and they continue to develop their range of dock offerings, fanciest of which was the Fusion, a DAB/FM which has a hidden iPod dock that, at the press of a button, flips out and holds your iPod in either portrait or landscape. Nifty.

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