Pioneer Sound Wing: Revolutionary speaker technology?

Pioneer makes a lot of home theatre devices. Really, a lot. This one, however, lives up the company name – new, innovative: pioneering. It’s a called a ‘Sound Wing’, and it brings surround sound into a single, beautiful speaker bar.


Aside from great aesthetics, the Sound Wing uses what the company call a “revolutionary and breakthrough new speaker technology”. Officially known as HVT (Horizontal-Vertical-Transforming), it allows speakers to
be made much thinner while still creating a full 360 degree soundscape.

The Sound Wing uses the technology to create an immersive audio experience while taking up almost no room – it’s just 25.5mm thick. You could probably even put one in front of your computer monitor without losing too much desk space.

It’s not limited to sitting in front of a device, however – the omni-directional speakers can be placed anywhere in the room and still provide a wide “sweet spot” to enjoy the full sound experience.

To better explain the experience, imagine that normal speakers fire sound directly at you, widening as they extend. The Sound Wing is different – it emits a sphere of audio, pushing sound in every direction. Wherever you are in the room, sound surrounds.

The Sound Wing comes bundled as part of the HTP-SLH600 AV package, which also includes the VSX-S300 slim AV receiver. Like the Sound Wing, it’s also smaller than you’d expect, but equally big of features – including four 3D compatible HDMI inputs and Pioneer’s Advanced Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration.

It can fully equipped to decode all mainstream HD audio formats, including DTS-HD Master Audio, as well as Dolby True HD. You can also add Pioneer’s AS-BT200 Bluetooth Adapter to enjoy wireless (omni-directional) audio from any A2DP Bluetooth-enabled mobile device or personal computer.

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