The FoxLv2 Bluetooth for iPad – Speakers made for the beach

It’s pocket sized, pumps out super quality sound and has even been designed by a former NASA engineering legend, what could be a better companion than to accompany you on your travels than the FoxLv2 Bluetooth for iPad portable speakers?


As the rain falls miserably on the British Isles – in the North at least – our minds are cast to our impending summer holiday in the sun and all those glorious beach parties we are going to attend. As we look out of the office window, depressed by the cars having their headlights on at four in the afternoon in mid-July, we start to imaginary pack our suitcase. Space – and weight – is of the essence if we do not want to be stung for an extra £40 by Ryanair at the airport for going a kilo over the weight allowance, so the smaller our gadgets are the better.

Being the first pocket-sized wireless speaker, Dr. Godehard Guenther’s, the former NASA audio ‘legend’ company Soundmatters, informs us, the FoxLv2 Bluetooth for iPad makes the ‘perfect travel companion’. Not only is it small enough to slip in your pocket or bum-bag and carry it down to the beach, but the FoxLv2 also consists of some apparently unique features.

These unique features include “Twoofers”, “BassBattery”, “DomeForward” and “Linear Magnetic Drive”, which to non-musical purists basically means these portable Bluetooth speakers deliver a smooth and high quality listening experience.

Battery life is a critical criterion of modern ‘travel’ gadgets, especially when accompanying one to the beach and, with a patented re-chargeable built-in woofer/battery, the FoxLv2 lasts for 8 hours – yep that should just last the duration of a day at the beach.

As we plan what we are taking on holiday we tot up how much our suitcase of goodies is going to cost, and being priced at $199, the FoxLv2  Bluetooth for iPad will certainly boost your pre-holiday spending budget, although it could be worth it.