TruLink VGA to HDMI convertor

I don’t think I’ve come across another company that loves making special little boxes that output HDMI signals quite as much as TruLink. From the obvious like Wireless HDMI boxes, to much more specialist devices such as the HDMI splitter, they do an impressive job of getting high-definition pictures onto your flatscreen. They’ve been back to the lab and come up with another bespoke HDMI box – this time to bring more of your aging boxes into the HDMI age.


Like most TruLink boxes, the converter is a plug and play device and does not require any software to run. Getting the device up and running is pretty idiot proof as you have to just plug in the required cables, which are so divergent I *dare* you to put the VGA cable in the wrong slot.

The box upconverts SD signals into glorious HD (within limits obviously), so if you have an older PC you’d been planning on converting into a dedicated media box running a sabnzb+sickbeard+plex set up (and really you should, it’s *amazing*) then the box should add a touch of HD snazz to your rig. Or if you have an older console with and the right cable set up to output to VGA (easy to find via a quick rummage on gumtree or your local second hand electronic knick-knack store) then you can pop it into the box, fire it up and experience glorious HD.

As it’s a simple hook up with no fiddling (bar inserting the cables obviously) you should be good to go in less than a minute. Simple as. If you have boxes with non HDMI outputs that you’d like to view in HD then get this box.

The CablesToGo TRULink VGA to HDMI converter is available immediately through retailers including Amazon from £69.85.