Rise and shine with the Gear4 Houseparty Rise

Sometimes I yearn for the good old days, when an alarm clock was just that – a clock with an alarm on the top – preferably one of the really old-fashioned ones with two metal bells and a clanger that oscillated between them in an – ahem – alarming manner.


But if that were the case, I wouldn’t have anything to write about. So, suppressing those Luddite tendencies, let me tell you about the HouseParty Rise from those accessories wizards at Gear4.

It’s a rather cool-looking device featuring an alarm clock, dock for an iPhone or iPod Touch – and most importantly for any alarm clock – a big snooze button!

The device can be controlled using Gear4’s SmartLink app – owners just need to download the app to their Apple device and they can use it to change MP3 tracks and turn the volume up and down, just by tapping the screen.

The clever thing about the app is that it also allows you to control your docked device using a second iPhone or iPod – priceless if you can’t be bothered to get out of bed or get out of a comfy position on the sofa to change tune, or indeed if you don’t want to disturb the cat sleeping on your lap – can you tell who rules in our household?

The screen can be easily dimmed with a swipe, so it won’t keep you awake if those kinds of things bother you at all – and that huge silver snooze button is hard to miss even if you are only barely awake. Plus, pre-set alarms on an iPhone or iPod touch auto-sync with the HouseParty Rise once docked, saving a bit more time.

The HouseParty Rise comes in at a quite pricey £99, but then you are getting a high quality speaker and an alarm clock for your money.

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