Make a technical style statement with the CrystalDock iPhone stand

When it comes to accessorising your iPhone or iPod punters have an overwhelming amount of choice. ‘Luxury’ iPhone devices are quickly gathering speed on the technology bazaar and when, therefore, ‘the world’s first luxury accessory for the iPhone handcrafted from pure crystal glass’ submerges itself as the latest must-have iPhone fitment, one rarely bats an eyelid.


Nonetheless being the ‘first’ luxury stand for charging and synching your iPod and iPhone devices that is handcrafted from pure crystal, the CrystalDock is worthy of a review, and if you are one to like donning expensive and enviable accessories in the office or at home, then our CrystalDock review is definitely worthy of a read.

Designed by the luxury brand CalysoCrystal, which focus primarily on technically innovative products, the CrystalDock is available in four basic designs, ranging from cool and edgy styles to classic and formal. Its casing is crafted out of a solid block of lead crystal, which CalypsoCrystal assure us, is significantly more magnificent than glass as crystal contains lead oxide which, in certain lights, creates beautiful optical effects – Ah so that what gives crystal its extra ‘sparkle’!

This dock, in its choice of material, whereby each individual device has, according to its creators, taken 15 pairs of hands to produce, undoubtedly exudes class, elegance and sophistication. If you are intent on making some kind of style statement, the CrystalDock is compatible with all models of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod nano, as well as the 80GB, 120GB and 160GB late 2009 model.

A further selling statement murmured from the mouth of Matej Kurent, the successful entrepreneur, businessman and founder of CalypsoCrystal, is that these handcrafted pure crystal iPhone stands are, “excellent value for money”. Whilst we may suspiciously expect that the entrepreneur’s idea of what is ‘value for money’ is significantly higher than what the rest of us might regard as being ‘good value’, it comes as a pleasant surprise that the Crystal Docks range from a unexpectedly acceptable £299 for the limited edition CrystalDock “Aurora”, to an even more refreshingly modest £169 for the “Beau”, “Celestia” and “Dune” models.