‘Giles for LG’ Cinema 3D glasses – Designed so that you stand out in the cinema!

One novel feature seems to be standing out in the latest press releases finding their way to the Latest Gadget’s contributors at the moment – the number of technological manufacturing companies to be collaborating with fashion designers. The latest technical establishment to be employing the talents of the fashion design industry in an attempt to whip up business, is LG, who has teamed up with British fashion designer Giles Beacon and created a limited edition range of Cinema 3D TV glasses, which are being sold exclusively though Selfridges.


The bespectacled designer is renowned for his chunky style of glasses and flamboyant use of colours and patterns, and none more so than the new 3D glasses, aptly titled ‘Giles for LG’.

The glasses are following on from the stylish range of cinema 3D TVs it brought out earlier this year, although, somewhat ironically, without the style. Although LG are obviously mislead into believing that the glasses are stylish and pleasing to the eye. LG’s Consumer Marketing Director, Stephen Gater, tries to convince us of the fashionable merits of the new glasses by stating:

“Cinema 3D TVs are all about getting together and enjoying the magic of 3D with your friends and family and the ‘Giles for LG’ glasses now offer you an ultra stylish option to enjoy your favourite 3D movies, sports and documentaries.”

If you want to look like a complete wally in the cinema – think Timmy Mallet, Dennis Taylor and Chris Evans – then buying a pair of Giles for LG 3D glasses should do the job – Oh well, for just £29.99 a pair, you won’t exactly be breaking the bank to look like a prized idiot!

Can’t wait to see what the next technology manufacturer/fashion designer collaboration will be.