tizi: Wireless mobile TV hotspot for iPad and iPhone

Want to watch TV on the go? Whether you’re addicted to America’s Next Top Pirate, Are You Stronger Than A Dog or MILF Island, TV plays a big part in some people’s lives and there are times when you’d love to be able to catch up on a show, watch live coverage or a major event or simply relax in front of some inanity but you are unable as you have foolishly ventured into this “outdoors” that everyone keeps going on about.


Well fret no more as tizi has come to bring TV to you – no matter where you might be. And before you retort that you can watch most TV online, allow me to nimbly jump the snark and point out that tizi enables a truly mobile experience, connecting you to your favourite shows in the middle of a field if you really want. What is more it will work with your laptop, iPhone or iPad via the magic of apps.

So what is tizi? Out of the box it’s a smooth and shiny black pebble of a device, akin to a MiFi but even lighter. There’s a replaceable battery (you can get about 3 and a half hours of viewing out of the tizi), power button (with LED indicators for power, connection and reception) and a flimsy looking antenna. The antenna like my comment is retractable and was specially developed from a malleable metal alloy to improve reception and withstand tampering.

However it’s what’s inside that counts and the tizi packs a reasonable amount of hardware. tizi uses the latest state-of-the-art chip technology. Quick channel changes, crystal clear images and high reception quality make tizi one of the best TV DVB-T receivers. At the core of tizi is a high-performance ARM 9 RISC-Processor to decode the digital television signal. This and the interaction of all the internal components makes tizi the first and currently only TV hotspot for DVB-T.

Set up is quick and painless. Using a shared key, you connect your iPad to the tizi over wifi using an app and … watch TV. It’s really straightforward and a joy to use. You can even record shows. So if being able to watch TV anywhere, anytime is important to you and worth £149 then it’s hard not to recommend the tizi.

For more information head to tizi.tv