Parabola DAB radio: Stylish, portable and cheap

Anything that advertises itself as being “too hot to handle” whips up a certain degree of intrigue and interest. When, therefore, an email titled, ‘a DAB that is too hot to handle’ arrives in your inbox, you feel compelled to take a further look. At a first glimpse at a picture of Magicbox’s Parabola, this DAB Radio looks unquestionably modern and stylish, although it has to be said, its spec remains comparatively mediocre, a far cry from being “too hot to handle”.


Having said this, if you are after a portable, stylish and affordable radio, you are reading the write review, as with the Parabola portability, affordability and being ‘pleasing to the eye’, is at its core. Its most remarkable feature is its unique rounded shape which cleverly doubles up as a handle. The Parabola’s large and sturdy handle makes it ideal for carrying, which together with its optional battery feature, means Magicbox’s latest radio is tremendously portable.

Simplicity and ‘un-complication’ is also another component of the Parabola, offering a desirable alternative to many of the complicated and ‘too technical’ radios currently littering the DAB radio market. An uncomplicated set up means users can start enjoying a vast choice of national and local DAB/FM stations within seconds, whilst displaying the station’s name rather than frequency supports the Parabola’s notion of being user-friendly.

All the usual features we have grown accustomed to in a modern radio apply with the Parabola, which benefits from a headphone socket, a fully functioning clock and a dual alarm with ‘snooze’ option.

Being available in a range of five colours including silver, gold, green, red and blue, the Parabola DAB radio would make a stylish addition to a number of different rooms within a house, to suit the different tastes of each family member.

But the best thing about the Parabola radio is most definitely its price. Costing just £49.99, radio listeners can enjoy the usual features of a radio, but with a greater sense of style, freedom and uncomplicatedness. Whether it’s ‘too hot to handle’ remains to be seen.