BlueAnt S4 True HandsFree

You might think you have a handsfree car speakerphone … but is it really? The folks at BlueAnt would argue not – pointing to the number of buttons you have to interact with at some stage in using it – and the subsequently point to their new BlueAnt S4 True HandsFree and proudly stating “Look Mom No Hands!”


“Really hands free?” you might wonder? Yes really, due to the slightly odd trigger phrase “BlueAnt Speak to Me”, which is admittedly easy to remember and unlikely to come up in casual conversation. The trigger phrase primes the S4 for a range of activities. So for examples saying “Phone Commands” will activate your phone voice dialling features. Like the S3, the S4 has a reasonable degree of slur and mumble tolerance built in and seemed to work ok with my limited range of regional accents. Again, like the S3, the S4 will read out the name of number of whoever is calling and allow you to answer or ignore the call – simply by saying “Answer” or “Ignore”.

There’s a lot of Android and Blackberry love going on at BlueAnt towers and the S4 integrates with with Vlingo SafeReader, which automatically reads aloud incoming text messages (this obviously depends on your handset and OS). Or if you’re on Android there is a dedicated BlueAnt app that does the same thing – as well as help and support for your S4 (although it’s pretty easy to use and will talk you through set up).

It wouldn’t be a BlueAnt device if they didn’t make a point of “booming audio” and true to their promises, the S4’s full duplex, high volume speaker and all the wind, road and background noise technology crammed into the little device makes the sound quality reasonably robust.

The BlueAnt S4 True Handsfree is out now from