Trulink HDMI over Cat5e Extender: Extend HDMI signal range whilst maintaining image quality

How do you extend high-definition TV signals over long distances without comprising image quality? That’s easy; simply purchase a Trulink HDMI over Cat5e Extender. Seemingly providing the answer to the challenge of sending HD TV signals where regular HDMI wiring struggles to perform efficiently and produce high-quality images, Telford-based Cables to Go has produced the HDMI over Cat5e Extender.


Encased in a stylish, durable and compact outer case, the Cat5e Extender is a cost-effective way to improve the quality of a picture without having to negotiate issues surrounding ‘dodgy’ signals, which are a regular burden of a wireless device.

Providing a robust solution that can extend HDMI signal up to 60 metres, the Trulink Extender would prove to be particularly beneficial to places where video equipment is typically located in one room, such as offices, classrooms, and retail stores, but where the source is hidden and positioned safely and securely.

Of course providing a higher quality of TV images is not the Trulink HDMI over Cat5e Extender’s only enhancing qualities, as the quality of gaming, home theatre, digital signage and video production is also augmented.

Talking about the reliability and convenience of the Trulink HDMI over Cat5e Extender, Justin Hulls, the UK sales director for Cables to Go said:

“This product is ideally suited to anyone who wants to extend their HDMI signal up to a 60m distance and provide a high quality picture for home or office, home theatre and gaming and video production. It overcomes many of the limitations of competitor solutions for a fraction of the price.”

Although you don’t get improved image quality and signal dilemmas eradicated at no cost, as Cables to Go Trulink HDMI over Cat5e Extender costs approximately £124.99.