Keep on walking and listening with Sony Walkman Music Clip

Who’d have thought all those years ago, when we were proudly lugging round our original Sony Walkmans, that the next generation would be sporting tiny 10cm widgets that could hold and play nearly 1,000 songs?

Sony is continuing its Walkman tradition with the new Walkman Music Clip, a wearable MP3 player that features bass boost, quick charge and a detachable strap.


Weighing a featherlight 28g and measuring less than 10cm, the Music Clip comes in a two-tone finish in a variety of colour choices (red, green, blue, pink and black), with matching power illuminator. The power illuminator also pulses in time with the music, and if you need a fuller, deeper sound, push the Bass button for even more low-end power.

Battery life is a very decent 18 hours – and if you’re in a rush, plug it in for only three minutes to get a 90 minute playback charge – handy if you’re in a hurry on your way to work.

The detachable clip attaches the music player to a belt, bag or pocket, and music can be loaded using a USB connector from your PC – you can drag and drop files or transfer them via Windows Media Player 11/12.

You can browse quickly through your music using the ZAPPIN button, which plays a short snatch of each track. The 4GB player can hold 980 songs, the 2GB version, 470 tunes.

The Walkman Music Clip will be available from mid-May – find out more at