One For All SV9325: Fantastic reception for after the Royal Wedding

There’s a dilemma coming – watch the Royal Wedding on TV, or head into central London and get in amongst the action. Well, worry no more! Using little more than your laptop, its built-in TV card and a SV9325 portable TV aerial, you’ll be able to watch TV wherever you go.


The device takes its power from a humble USB port, so there’s no need to worry about batteries or finding an external power source, making it the ultimate on-the-go option. It’s a minimal 20cm tall, in a brushed aluminium finish, so the perfect partner for a high-end laptop.

Technically, it uses Patch technology to ensure a wide angle reception of digital terrestrial signals, increased picture/sound stability and minimalise pixellation. It also uses ten stages of filtering to remove unwanted signals like mobile phone or wifi interference.

The device has a nine mile range – which is pretty impressive for an antenna of its size. And if you’re not out and about, it can also work with standard household TVs if there is no external antenna. We’d have liked it to be wide and flat, so it could attached to the back of your laptop’s screen, but it’s pretty nice-looking as it is. Yours for £39.99.

If you’re looking for a more hefty home solution, try the £59.99 SV9390. It’s got multi-patch technology for a wider bandwidth than a traditional aerial – meaning a better Freeview HD picture than ever before.

“Multi-patch” means that it is essentially six aerials in one, allowing it to work through 360 degrees. This means no need for adjustments for better quality, and the ability to place it horizontally, vertically or on the wall without losing any performance. Interference is also minimised, via the external digital amplifier.

The range is up to 18 miles, and it looks pretty cool, too.