Blu-ray gets the blue sky treatment from Sony

Man, those wizards at Sony know a thing or two about audio and visual heaven. Not content with just creating achingly glorious works of what could be termed as electronic modern art (their sleek black lines and slim bodies transforming our living rooms into cutting edge galleries) but they deliver the goods each time too.


The wrappers are off Sony’s new affordable 3D ready Blu-ray 2.1 home entertainment range and once again, the format has been redefined.

Sony’s new 2.1 Blu-ray HD systems, the BDV-EF200, BDV-L600 and the flagship BDP-S780 are jammed full of bells, whistles and many other various forms of musicality. The built in Bravia Internet video platform lets you stream YouTube videos, watch BBC iPlayer, rent movies via Lovefilms and watch Sky News live through the dedicated TV application. Two HDMI ports provide simple connectivity to other HD devices such as set top boxes and consoles, whilst the built in Apple dock provides easy access to your music and video files and control through iPod touch or smart phones.

They might be just 2.1 home cinema systems albeit blu-ray, but the built in S-Force PRO 3D virtual surround sound audio will deliver plenty of power without any ugly wires cluttering up your room and Sony’s IP noise reduction technology will provide sharp images even from internet content.

Sony’s flagship player the BDP-S780 has even more under the bonnet with 2D-3D up-conversion and a pro version of its IP noise reduction technology together with super Bit Mapping to make those images razor sharp. It’s Skype enabled, so get those free calls in, and the built in wi fi will let you control the unit from your smart phone using Sony’s media remote app.

All three players offer improved load and start up times, something Sony already leads the market in, and consider they all come in under £250, you get a lot of blu-ray bang for your buck.