TruLink 1-Port 60GHz WirelessHD Kit review

Like most people reading this, I have shiny flat screen TV and nothing detracts from its futuristic chic more than the mess of cables and wires dangling from the back. I can wirelessly stream HD content from YouTube or my local network or hard drives, which feels like I’m living in the future. But one peek behind the set and the tangled mess of wires instantly reminds me of a Korg MS20 or an old-fashioned phone switchboard. CablesToGo want to drag me kicking and screaming into the future with the TruLink 1-Port 60GHz WirelessHD Kit.


Simplicity is the watch word with the Wireless HD Kit and when the loan unit arrived at LG Towers we were surprised at how little there was to the device. It’s pretty much just two black boxes (like miniature bricks almost) with an on/off switch and an HDMI slot at the back. The remote control has an on/off button and a “Wireless” button. I’m not going to go as far as to say it’s idiot proof technology. But it’s pretty close.

The TruLink 1-Port 60 GHz WirelessHD Kit enables high definition wireless transmission between your television and your HDMI components. You can have full HD 1080p signal from your computer, Blu-ray player, yada yada yada to your HDMI-enabled television. As I’ve said, it’s almost the living embodiment of plug-and-play and requires no software, no drivers and no setup. 

But we’ve all been burned by promises of technological marvels before. Does it work? Well yes after a fashion. Similar to the TruLink Wireless VGA kit we tested last week (they really hate cables over at TruLink it seems) picture quality is clear and stutter free if you don’t go crazy with the limits. It’s fun seeing how far back you can take your laptop before the signal starts to cut out and for most people the distance is reasonable – you can stash all your hi-tech bumpf in one corner of the room and let your lovely flat screen shine in all its glory on the other side.

Alternatively, you can also dig a massive tunnel through your walls and snake cable through – but I lack the bravery to try and this seems like a slightly more elegant solution.