The SMT-S7800 Freesat HD Personal Video Recorder –Redefining the face of TV viewing

My four-year-old son is a devoted ‘Cbeebies’ fan, who, like many children of the modern age, when told to go outside for some fresh air or to help Mummy and Daddy with an activity that does not involve being absorbed in the television, reluctantly and wearily pulls himself away from the screen. Although the days of hearing “But Mummy, Mr Maker is my favourite”, may be over, thanks to Samsung’s Freesat+ HD Personal Video Recorder (PVR).


Although I am highly appreciative of modern technology and stand in awe of the creators of the sophisticated everyday gadgets society has become somewhat complacent of, my understanding of the multifarious operational complexities involved in giving us the ‘instantaneous’ technology we have become accustomed to, is somewhat limited. And there is no such function that I cannot get my head around its operational technicalities, than the ‘+’ functionality that enables you to pause, rewind and fast forward live TV – How can you rewind live TV? It’s a good job the guys at Samsung know how, as the ‘+’ functionality is a core feature of the SMT-S7800 Freesat HD PVR.

So how is this related to my Cbeebies fanatical four-year-old? Well in featuring a built-in tuner, the SMT-S7800 enables you to record one channel whilst watching another, offers 120 hours of high definition recording with 500GB of storage and, by boasting ‘+’ feature, users can pause and rewind live TV, meaning there is no need to for my four-year-old to miss ‘Mr Maker’ ever again.

Being an HD PVR, the SMT-S7800, provides a crisp, sharp and vivid picture, whilst, being Wi-Fi enabled, users can gain access to Freesat’s on demand services, such as YouTube and BBC iPlayer. Locating your favourite TV programmes is easier than ever with this stylish PVR, as Samsung’s Smart Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), which allows users to view channel programme listings, recorded programme lists and disk space availability in the click of a button.

In spite of its multi-functioning capabilities, the SMT-S7800 features a minimalist design and provides a stylish addition to home entertainment set ups.

I may not be any closer to understanding the internal operations of contemporary technology that enables you to modify live TV, but if the SMT-S7800 Freesat HD Personal Video Recorder has the ability to keep my four-year old happy, Samsung has definitively produced a winner with its first Freesat+HD PVR.