CU Exposed: V-Moda, be.ez and MagicWand

Latest Gadgets were invited to CU exposed, a small but perfectly formed gadget expo in the heart of London. Here are a few highlights:

Headphones can be worn out so fast, if you blink, you miss it. Many people put their loose headphones in their bag and this is a big source of damage as they clash with keys and get squashed by everything else in your bag. I have ruined many headphones doing just that. If you are on the lookout for quality in-ear headphones, take a look at V-MODA Remix remote. We got the chance to try them out. And a chance to watch CEO Val Moda try breaking his space-ages Crossfade LPs in half.


The dynamic driver gives you clarity while BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) isolates outside noise while giving you a deep bass sound. The integrated three button remote allows full control over answering calls and your music library. The wires of headphones can get damaged as casing can split showing the live wire and you kiss goodbye to your headphones (it happened to me). Well, not with the V-MODA Remix Remote as it has Kevlar reinforced cables. They come with sport hooks so I took them running and was quite impressed that they were secure and did not fall out once. Available in Apple retail stores from £89.95.


So you have a spanking new iPad2 right? Now you need something to put it in. Now I love Paris. I love the soft, hot croissants, the fashion and la Tour Eiffel. Now you can give your iPad a parisian feel with the LA robe I LOV PARIS. The first you notice is the intricate and amazing design on the sleeve designed by Parisian designer Mathieu Rivière. It has signature shape-memory so it springss back to its natural shape. Sot padding inside keeps your precious safe. There are three, one to suit any taste. There is Blue Morning for the boys, Montmartre in a pink and SweetKiss in purple. Each design depicts a different aspect of Parisian life. The designs includes images of romance, cafes and unique metro stations. You can get the range in different sizes for iPad, MacBook, MacBook air and MacBook Pro. Available now from Amazon.

Something we saw which is unique is the MagicWand by Mac only manufacturers, Twelve South. So what is so magic about the MagicWand? It connects your Apple Magic Trackpad to the Apple Wireless Keyboard creating one single input device. Left-handed? Do not worry. It can be added to right or left side of the keyboard. Now here is the big plus for Photoshop users and other creative applications. Attach the trackpad to the opposite side to your mouse and voila, you can use two hands. Swipe, pinch and gesture on the trackpad and use the mouse for more precise actions like drawing. The MagicWand attaches in a few quick steps. Ta da!!