Minuet DAB Radio: Put simply, it’s child’s play!

The benefits of buying your child a radio are more multi-faceted than the fact they can keep the kids ‘out of your hair’ by keeping them entertained for hours. Apart from relishing with delight that they have been given their very own grown-up technological ‘gadget’, evidence has proven that listening to the radio can develop listening and speaking skills in children, particularly young children.


With this knowledge firmly on-board, Magicbox, a manufacturer of affordable DAB radios and other communication devices, has launched the Minuet – a simple, affordable and funky DAB radio, comparably fantastic for both adults and children.

Available in both black and pink – to cater for either gender – this stylish yet simple and uncomplicated radio provides access to up to 250 commercial and 34 BBC radio stations. Although it has to be said that part of the fun of ‘playing with’ a radio, is meticulously moving the tuning dial, painstakingly trying to find more radio stations before spending another half an hour trying to fine-tune a station to make it relatively audible. DAB radio’s predisposition to have the time, date and stations automatically added, arguably takes some of the fun out of searching and seeking out some unregulated pirate radio station, being illegally transmitted off the Caribbean coast.

Nonetheless DAB radio has simplified this process and in doing so have, in actual fact, made radios much more ‘child-friendly’. Maintaining its child-friendly status the Minuet displays information about the digital station on a bright and backlit, two line display, which displays station names in alphabetical order rather than by frequency – another educational attribute. Although the information displayed does not stop at the station’s name, as also provided on the vivid screen, is data about signal strength as well as information about each individual station.

Being equipped with a headphone socket will also delight your children endlessly as they will be able to listen to their music privately, without the interfering ears of Mum and Dad monitoring their listening habits.

At just £29.99, I think the Minuet DAB Radio would make an excellent birthday gift to educate and entertain the kids.