LG CF3D Projector: Full HD 3D projection

Projectors are pretty cool. When your friends would boast of a new, 40-inch LCD TV, you’d humbly invite them round to sit in front of your home projection cinema experience. Then along came 3D TVs, and your projector was relegated to obsolescence and PowerPoint presentations. No more! LG have created a full HD 3D projector within a single box.


Usually 3D technology uses two separate lenses to overlay images, thus creating passive 3D images, like you’d find at the cinema. It takes a lot of effort to manually calibrate the two projection screens. LG had enough of this, and so developed a way to reduce the polarised light technology into a single lens.

This means that the projector, the CF3D, is extremely easy to set-up and use – no calibration needed. Simply use it like a standard projector – it’s probably the simplest and most manageable home 3D projector on the market.

It’s no slouch in the technical specs department, either. The projected image can easily stretched 200 inches, while it has a rating of a full 2500 ANSI-lumens (brightness) and a 7,000:1 contrast ratio (pretty darn good).

As the machine is officially 3D certified, it’s got a refresh rate of 60 Hz per image – or a silky smooth 120Hz for 2D imagery.

Best of all, as a passive projector, new 3D glasses cost about £2 from your local Vue cinema. They are less expensive, lighter and with bigger frames than the “active” solutions found in television sets. The CF3D ships with six free pairs – already saving you £400 over a competing 3D TV.

Are we excited? Just a little bit. Projectors were always a better way to watch films than TVs, and now with more affordable 3D, hopefully the projection market will only grow.