AirTies: Dry your hair, cook dinner – and still enjoy a wireless connection

Connected TVs are big news nowadays – with the ability to download videos and catchup TV direct to your TV set, they sound like the perfect multimedia solution. But because our homes are so full of gadgetry (maybe some more than others!) there’s an added problem.

Wireless connections can be at the mercy of signals from other gadgetry such as microwaves and hair dryers, which means that your connection can prove jittery and suffer from lag.


Step in the good folk at AirTies, who have taken pity on us techno geeks by coming up with Air 4420, a solution that connects hybrid and IPTVs and Ethernet-enabled TVs and players wirelessly to your home network and the internet – and they promise it can all happen with one-touch self-service installation.

The Air 4420 wireless devices are installed in pairs. One is connected to the IP Gateway while the other connects to the IPTV set top-box or the Ethernet port of a network-enabled TV or player. Next, says AirTies, you simply press a button to wirelessly connect the TV or the player to the net or your home network. If you have several TVs, wireless repeaters can be added to extend the wireless range.

Because Air 4420 operates at 5GHz frequency, it offers 22 channels for interference-free, high-speed 300Mbps wireless networking, so you can watch High Definition video, listen to music or view photos at high speeds.

Add an external USB disk drive and you have a UPnP AV compatible media server which will allow video, music and photos to be displayed on UPnP AV compatible TVs and players.

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