iPodium: Oh brave new world that hath such iPad docks in it.

As anyone who attended CES and was a fan of Zoolander would tell you, tablets are so hot right now. King of the castle is clearly Apple’s iPad – although the Blackberry Playbook and Motorola Xoom are snapping at it’s heels. And just like the smartphone market, third party accessory manufacturers and app developers go where the heat is. iPod docks are almost ubiquitous – with some being harder to differentiate than others. iPad docks are however a rarer beast.


Dipping their toes into these relatively untested waters are Logic3 – makers of the pretty cool cube alarm dock we had a look at here.

iPad docks are curious – half the cases out there add stand functionality – even the default made by Apple case has a built in stand and the default speakers are decent so the need for dedicated iPad stands is a little less obvious.

However Logic3 have gone the extra mile with the I-podium in making a device that is both cool and functional. The I-podium has a power supply so is a useful charging dock for your iPad. One bonus tick. It also has a massive boom tube in the base that beefs up the iPad’s sound system a could power a small party – one unlikely to trouble the resident’s association. Another bonus tick. And coolest of all the podium allows you to swivel your iPad between portrait and landscape rotation – cool for when you want to write (with a Bluetooth keyboard) or if you just want to show one of the many excellent “display” style apps – the Guardian photography app, Weather HD or Nightstand all spring to mind. Massive bonus tick.

Not to be outdone, Logic3 have bundled an app with the stand that includes weather, internet radio music and photography. And here is where the amazing experience falls down.  The app is optimised for the iphone and can only run on a small screen or with pixel doubling. And looks horrible as a result. Which is a tremendous shame as all other aspects of the stand are a joy to use. I’m sure this will be fixed in an upcoming update. And there are plenty of other excellent apps you can use in the meantime.