Pupils explore a 3D world with Acer projectors

The 3D experience is coming to schools thanks to Acer’s newest line-up of projectors. From January 11-14, the leading providers of technology for educational purposes gathered in London for the BETT trade show, which brings together the latest developments aimed at all education from early years right up to higher education.


Just after the show finished, Acer continued its theme with its latest projectors, designed to bring new ways of learning and teaching into the classroom (we had to make do with a blackboard when I was at school – but then that was back in the dark ages).

3D was a big story at BETT this year and the Acer U5200 can transform the flat surface of a wall into a 3D screen. Suggested uses include: exploring the human anatomy; looking at the universe in 3D detail; and ‘touring’ famous archaeological sites.

Acer says that its projectors now combine all the features that offer flexibility and versatility to schools, by including LAN control, display over USB, and Ultra-Short Throw projection.

Usefully, bearing in mind how overcrowded some schools are, the U5200 uses an advanced mirror-reflection type of ultra-short throw projection, which allows really large images to be displaced when the projector is very close to the screen. Even if the projector is placed at 13cm from the screen, it can show a clear image with a diagonal measurement of up to 77 inches.

The Acer U5200 also offers with network management tools and is compliant with the Crestron Network System, which allows control of the projector via LAN. This allows for remote power on/off, remote projection management, multiple-projector control, emergency text broadcasting, online dialogue with the system administrator and e-mail alert system. There is also a Remote desktop function that allows users to remotely access any PC that is activated via the Acer eProjection utility and connected to the projector via LAN. This means that by connecting a keyboard and mouse to the projectors, users can access a PC located in another room.

Other features include an optional USB wireless adapter, which lets you connect and display presentations and video with no need for cables, and MobiShow, which allows you to project any type of content, video or Power Point slides from Wi-Fi enabled smartphones or PDAs. The USB Slide Show offers the capability to display photos or slide shows directly from a USB flash drive, so that the projector can work even without a PC.

The U5200 will be available from March 1 for £1,125 exc Vat

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