Logic3 release six iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch docks

Logic3 has decided that there aren’t enough iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch docks on the market. So they’re launching six. Six. It’s a sound policy: probability dictates that at least one will be pretty good.


Two are devoted to the iPad – the i-Station Podium and the i-Station Base. Both have the typical dock features of playing music and charging the device. That’s where the simplicity ends, however.

The Podium has a unique rotatable dock for twisting the iPad between orientation modes. Watch movies in landscape, for example, and spin it round for music listening or e-mail browsing.  The footrest moves, too, ensuring you get the best viewing angle whatever you’re doing.

It also comes with a free downloadable app that’s got a massive amount of functionality: clock, calendar, internet radio, alarm, voice recorder, sleep, weather information, equaliser control, nature sounds and a photo album. Essentially, your iPad becomes the perfect alarm clock-beating, wake-up companion. £69.99.

The i-Station Base is the compact option. It includes the above app, as well as a remote control and a clever cable management function to allow easy iPad rotation. £59.99.

The other four devices are all for iPhone/iPod Touch. The Combo brings a CD Player to the traditional dock, as well as an FM radio alarm (you can choose to wake-up to a buzzer or your iPhone, too). There’s a big LCD for telling the time, as well as a remote for distance control. £99.99.

The SoundBar is a heavy-duty dock. It’s got a powerful 30 RMS speaker system, which includes two 2-inch mid-range drivers and two 2.8-inch sub-woofers. Basically, it’s loud and full of bass. No CD player, but you will find an FM radio and two auxiliary inputs, for plugging in a TV, PC, another MP3 player – anything audio, really. £99.99.

The i-Station26 is aimed at the space-conscious SoundBar-buyer. The two speakers are 1.8-inch mid-range drives, and a single 3-inch sub. The auxiliary has also been dropped, but otherwise the rest of the SoundBar is here. £69.99.

Finally, there’s the Lite – the small, portable one. Charge it up at home and listen to your iPhone wherever you go. You can even plug in your iPhone while the Lite charges up, powering both devices. More FM radio has been included, too £34.99.