Flex those muscles with Radiopaq’s new Flex headsets

If you are looking to buy sports earphones that won’t fall out of your ears when you raise the tempo of your workout, then look no further than the new Flex headset, high-tech sports earphones, designed to deliver outstanding audio performance no matter how vigorous your activity.


In boasting a unique over-the-ear design, users will be oblivious that they have these super lightweight, semi-flexible ear phones in their ears, although the high-quality music blasting into the ear drums may give it away. These ultra-comfortable ear phones are equipped with a gold-plated 3.5mm stereo jack plug, ensuring the optimum sound quality when connected to any Apple iPod or any MP3 player with a 3.5mm stereo Jacket Socket. The Flex headset is also compatible with MP4 players, portable DVD players and all netbooks, laptops, notebooks and computers, although taking the latter five on a run with you is not advisable.

Radiopaq’s mantra is to provide innovative, high quality portable audio products, and by incorporating a convenient touch-button remote control on the cable, which can control the volume, track selections and the on/off function, means that Flex can be operating easily whether you are out jogging, hurtling down a mountain on a snowboard, or pounding the treadmill at the gym.

Getting into a bit of a knot with your cable whilst you are exercising is an affliction many headset users are often subjected to. By featuring a soft rubber silicone cable finish, Flex’s cable is tangle-resistant, giving you the freedom to move unreservedly without the worry of knotting cables.
Greater freedom to make the most of your workout whilst listening to sound quality that rivals the more expensive headsets are not the only great qualities of Flex. Automatic call cut-in makes answering phone calls on an iPhone seamlessly hands-free using the built-in microphone on the remote control.

Music is immediately restored after the call is finished; bringing an end to desperately fumbling around to find the track you were on, whilst cursing the person who interrupted you!

This stylish, lightweight and ultra-robust headset is a fantastic sporting companion, and for just £24.99 is a preferable alternative to the more expensive action earphones, which offer little more in their design, comfort and functions.