Parrot Red Dragon speakers – better by design

Anyone who loves modern design will know the work of French product designer Philippe Starck. His modernist furniture is legendary and unusual in that he doesn’t produce one-off expensive pieces, but rather produces designs that are made for mass production.


This time, he has turned his attention to the speaker – and teaming up with Parrot has produced this extraordinary pair of speakers in bright red and appropriately named Red Dragon.

The speakers – full name Parrot Zikmu by Philippe Starck – which will set you back the grand price of, well, a grand, are made by wireless peripherals maker Parrot. They are wireless (obviously) and also feature an iPod/Iphone docking station, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth audio streaming and a total power output of 100W RMS. As well as being compatible with all digital formats and PC audio players, they also offer an analogue Hi-Fi input for connecting CD players and TVs.

As Starck himself puts it:

“The aim wasn’t just to make another loudspeaker. It is clear that our design produces amazing sound, but what’s more, whether you use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, whether you put your mobile phone or your MP3 player next to it, it plays music as if by magic, and that’s incredible. But, and this is what got me interested, what we designed is not a loudspeaker. What we designed was vibrating air.”

The speaker has been designed to emit 360-degree sound (if you want to delve into all the technical explanations, which we don’t have space for here, head over to
Finally, if red is not your thing, they also come in black, grey, lime and white.