Plextor PX-B12OU: 3D movies when you’re on the move

3D films are definitely the next big thing and if you have a 3D-compatible display, but nothing to play them on this could be the solution.

The plug-and-play Plextor PX-B120OU is a portable Blu-ray player that comes in at around £92. It looks pretty good, with its ripple design on the top, and can be used to playback in two different ways.


First, the Blu-ray player can connect via USB to a media centre, laptop or PC. All you need is a system running Windows XP/Vista/7 or above, and 128MB RAM. You will be able to connect direct to a TV when you use the PlexMedia box, which is due to launch next year

So it means you can enjoy 3D playback both at home and when you’re out – a good way to liven up dull car journeys (if you’re not the one driving, obviously).

Discs are top-loaded, which is handy if you’re on the move, as you don’t need to allow space for the loading tray to pop out.

However, the Plextor only offers playback – there is no write function – and it is possible to pick up Desktop Blu-ray drives that play and write for probably around 20 pounds less.

The only reason that we can see for actually buying this is if you have a laptop that does not offer Blu-ray playback, and you want to enjoy movies in the car or on the train, where the USB powered drive would be a bonus.