Sony RDP-X50iP iPod dock review

Sony were nice enough to send us a Sony rdp-x50ip iPod dock to review (and then send back). We see a lot of iPod docks here at Latest Gadgets. Some have alarm clock functionality. Some have funky or innovative design. And others are jam-packed with features. The helpfully named Sony rdp-x50ip is none of these things. What it is however is a reasonably decent iPod dock.


As you can see, the design team took a fairly no frills approach, or minimalist depending on your point of view – with a solid wall of speakers and a slot for your iPod/iPhone, with a few adjustable brackets for stability.

There are a couple of basic buttons on the top – for playback and one intriguing MegaBass button that gets a shout out on the box. The MegaBass button beefs up the sound a little – especially for bass-heavy tunes, as you’d expect it doesn’t really have an effect on podcasts or acoustic folk.

40 Watts of power gives the Sony rdp-x50ip “room filling sound” and once you get past the lack of features it’s pretty impressive as a unit – I threw a couple of Morris Day and the Time classics at it in the living room and the sound quality was more than adequate. In fact I’d go as far as to say it was good.

Whilst lacking the bells and whistles of some of its competitors – most dramatically the Pioneer Kodo series, which takes iPod docks to the next level, the decent “room filling” sound makes the Sony rdp-x50ip a decent, but not mind blowing, purchase, although the £179 RRP is a little steep.