Pure i-20: Sound and vision from a PURE-ly simple dock

PURE has come up with a stylish iPod Dock so that you can play all the tunes on your music player through your hi-fi or AV system, as well as video through your TV.

The i-20 is a good-looking piece of black and steel kit that will take up minimal space, and allows you to use your existing speakers to deliver high-quality sound (through its Digital to Analogue Converter) for high-bit-rate compressed or uncompressed iPod tracks or radio.


Unusually, it also offers video outputs so that any video stored on your iPod or iPhone can be viewed on a TV – it supports popular video formats including component, S-Video and composite. And to cut down on wires and chargers, the PURE i-20 charges your iPhone or iPod while it’s docked. A remote control is also supplied for easy control and navigation.

Anyone who is fed up with fiddling around with any new piece of kit to get it working well will be glad to know that PURE’s i-20 should offer a pretty painless solution. Unless you have a lot to spend, most available systems require you to stream your music or connecting a hi-fi without its own dock to the iPod using the 3.5mm jack. This method results in the sound getting squeezed.

Instead, uses PURE Clearsound digital end-to-end technology to produce its digital audio outputs, so that sound is not compromised when connected to a quality digital amplifier or hi-fi system. For its analogue output, the i-20 uses its Cirrus 4353 hi-fi quality DAC and high-precision low-jitter clock to deliver true hi-fi audio performance levels.

The PURE i-20 is stamped with Apple’s ‘made for iPhone’ and ‘Made for iPod’, which we guess means it’s got Steve Jobs’ seal of approval.

The PURE i-20 costs £74.99. For more go to www.pure.com