Marantz Melody Maker: One box to rule them all?

Trying to cram all your audio and TV gadgetry into a suitable space in the living room can be a bit of a headache. With one box for this, another for that, it’s hard to fit everything under the TV, or in a small cabinet, not to mention finding space for all your CDs and DVDs.

So combining all your audio and movie gizmos into one box is an inspired idea from the folk at Marantz.


With its stylish aluminium chassis and shiny black top, the Melody Movie System offers a small footprint and yet Marantz says its managed to squeeze into its diminutive frame all the technological know-how it includes in its top-notch Bluray sources – such as the UD9004 (which comes in at a whopping £5,000).

The Marantz Melody Maker doesn’t aspire to such heights – it’s on sale for £799.99. So what do you get for your near-on 800 quid? Well, the remote-controlled box contains a high-quality Blu-ray player with BD-Live capability for exceptional High Definition images, DVD upscaling to 1080p HD resolution,
and audiophile-level CD playback.

You can also use the Melody Maker to replay from iPod, IPhone and iPod touch, listen to radio, and connect to other Bluetooth devices, such as phone or PC, (using an option RX101 device)

Sound comes courtesy of a 140 Watt Class D digital amplifier, to which you can connect stereo speakers, as well as a subwoofer, or choose Dolby Virtual Speakers for a surround sound experience. Marantz says it uses advanced algorithms and extensive room-modelling technologies to create the full home cinema experience from just two speakers.

And for anyone who despairs at the number of cables that spoil their interior design, Marantz has used a nifty bit of cabinet construction to make sure no cables are visible when you view the box from the side.

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