One For All and all for one! Universal remote control comes to the PS3

With so much technology available, a small army of remote controls is to be expected. How many times have you had to look for a lost remote? There are so many remotes but none have been able to control a Playstation 3 so you up until now you have always had at least 2 remotes. The One For All URC-7960 remote can not only control your Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, but MP3 speakers, surround system, TV and Sky.


My coffee table is overflowing with remotes for everything gadget under the sun. I have always ignored previous universal remotes because none of controlled the PS3 so I never found the point of having one if it does not actually control everything? Due to the wide spectrum of gadgets it can control, the One For All URC-7960 sets itself apart from its competitors.

Setup was easy with 3 simple steps. The remote connects with the PS3 using a separate Bluetooth adaptor. For other devices it will use infrared to connect. You can turn off the PS3 using just one button rather than having to confirm. The remote is quite smart as it can copy functions of the original remote and extra functions can be programmed. The remote has a comprehensive amount of buttons so I found all the functions I needed on the remote. If your remote has a unique function like LG Simplink then you may need to program it.

The All For One URC-7960 remote gets even smarter with its SmartControl function. You may already have a universal remote but when you switch between devices you still need to choose which devices to control as it can only control one device at a time right? Not with the URC-7960. You can control up to 3 of the devices. You can choose one of 3 settings made for TV, movie or music. For example, with the TV setting, you can control your TV, Sky and surround sound all at once. With the music setting, you can control the MP3 speakers and surround sound. Overall, an impressive, intelligent remote that does more than rival universal remotes. The days of looking for my remotes are over!