Sony’s A-Series MP3 Walkmans hit the UK market

If you want to get your hands on one of Sony’s new A-Series Walkmans this Christmas, than you’ll be pleased to learn that the electronics retailer Advanced MP3 Players have signed an exclusive agreement with Sony to sell the company’s flagship series of walkmans to British consumers. And judging by the spec of this super slim multimedia entertainment powerhouse it is wholly understandable why British consumers would want to get their hands on this video MP3 walkman.


The features Sony’s new A-Series possess, are truly phenomenal and can barely be touched upon in a short review, but one of its key qualities is the slimness of the 64GB Walkman Video MP3 Player, which, being just 7.2mm thick, this stylish device is Sony’s slimmest MP3 player yet.

Aiding its stylish exterior is the 2.8 inch full colour OLED wide display, which, in producing 100% colour reproduction, provides razor-sharp, ultra-bright and decidedly detailed and clear visuals on the screen. With an optional video/audio output cable multimedia content from the walkman can be transferred to a bigger TV screen. With Content Transfer software, iTunes collections can be exported, whilst the Walkman can be easily filled using drag and drop with Windows Explorer and synchronised with Windows Media Player.

Other remarkable qualities of both models include Digital Noise Cancelling, which, by blocking out external ambient noise, delivers crystal clear audio reliability. Not only does the Digital Noise Cancelling suppress up to 98% of external noise, but users can set the function to comply with different environments, such as being on a train, on an aeroplane or in an office. The full S-Master Digital Amplifier produces sound so clear, it has been likened to putting you “centre stage in the studio or concert hall”.

Being the only retailer in the country to stock this product Advanced MP3 Players is naturally excited about having the exclusive monopoly over what has been dubbed as “incredible” and a “must have for all audiophiles out there”.

The 64GB model is priced as £299, whilst the 32GB model costs £219. Although if you want to purchase one of these truly advanced MP3 Walkman’s, you’ll have to move fast, as Advanced MP3 Players only have 300 of each model in stock. Visit to check availability.