Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus: Next level headset technology

Headset technology has been taken to the next level with the Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus, which has awesome noise-cancelling capabilities. This impressive gadget combines two noise-cancelling mics with AudioIQ2 technology, an adaptive 20-band equaliser and multilayered Windsmart technology.

The user can expect to have a clear, uninterrupted discussion, no matter whether they’re on a busy road or in a hectic office. You won’t have to worry about mishearing information ever again as the Plantronics device provides unbeatable inbound audio quality, to enable voices to be heard crisply on each side of the line.


The Voyager Pro Plus sits extremely comfortably on top of your your head. It has an easily accessible power switch and volume rocker which you can take down a notch or two if conversation becomes heated. Among the other features are voice alerts and a battery meter which is fully compatible with the iPhone.

Stuart Bradshaw, EMEA Consumer Marketing Manager, said, ‘today’s smartphone generation want a headset that complements a smarter lifestyle and audio quality they can rely on’.

‘The Voyager PRO+ de?nes a new vision from hands-free convenience and is made to complement life on the go. With the combination of the Plantronics signature audio performance, and optimum comfort and usability, it makes it the ideal companion to the latest generation of smartphones and devices’, he went on.

The Voyager Pro Plus only takes a few minutes to set up and the Plantronics team are only a phone call away, should you require assistance. It is likely that offices all over the country will soon be making conference calls using the Secure Simple Pairing technology, which can be used with phones, PDA’s and laptops.

The £79 price tag is unlikely to be much of a stumbling block and we can expect Apple, Orange and Maplin stores to be experience a surge in interest from prospective Plantronics buyers from November.