TIME iPod alarm clock and speaker dock review

Exspect’s design team deserve a pat on the back. As someone who is emailed literally 3 times a week with new iPod dock releases, I have a somewhat jaded view of that genre of device. As a result the raised eyebrow that came when Exspect’s TIME iPod speaker dock hit my inbox was genuine.


As you can see from the image above, the Expect, when fully docked with an iPhone forms a replica analogue clock face. Your iPhone serves double duty as the “12” and the clock face via an app that automatically installs when you first install the app (well I had to give it a few goes but eventually it installed on an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 4).

With its sleek, slimline silver frame and piano black face, the TIME dock is actually striking and makes a really good “statement” piece for your bedside table.

It also comes with a rather basic remote control that allows you to skip, play and pause tunes and switch between the music player or radio app. There is also a snooze button built into the remote, but I can imagine that being a little counter productive – I like the physical process of wandering over to the snooze button. Unfortunately playback is a little basic – so you can’t access iTunes playlists from within the app, which is useful if you are using the dock for music playback.

The built app allows access to the Music player, as well as the radio app and of course enables you to set alarms clocks. The interface is simple and straightforward but lacking the graphical flourishes of the bundled app that comes with the GEAR4 alarm dock.

The sound quality is also a bit thing and not quite up to the GEAR4’s level of bass – it’s great as an alarm clock but not quite up to task as a fully-fledged iPod dock, in part due to the limitations of the app, which could hopefully be addressed by an update. At £49.99, it is half the price of the GEAR4 and replicates the main functionality of that device and has a pretty striking look so it is definitely something worth checking out if you are a student, or person on a budget.