Pioneer HTP series: Compatibility, connectivity and flexibility

Pioneer’s latest audio home cinema launch promises the best in technology and design to bring ‘movies to life’.

The audio-visual company launched three new receiver subwoofer home movie systems with a focus on digital sound and compatibility. The systems pass 3D video signals over JDMI, and include the latest HDMI inputs. They are also 3D TV broadcast receiver, Blu-ray Disc player and game console-friendly.


Happily, the speakers allow high definition audio to be processed in the system, combined with digital transfer of both HD video and audio through a single cable, reducing wire clutter. And perhaps in recognition of the fate of the traditional home sound system, the products also enable USB plug-in for MP3 players.

The stylish, glossy black finish means these systems will also be compatible with most living environments.

The ‘HTP’ series has a main subwoofer unit, with a home cinema receiver and three speaker set variations.

The new range features the HTP-610 5.1 channel, the 3.1 channel HTP-SB510 bar-style and the 2.1 channel HTP-FS510 front speaker system.

The 5.1-channel system is targeted at the ultimate film buff; for those that want the premium audio effects to match their already perfect visual display. It features four slim speakers and a powerful output of 6 x 100W.


The 3.1 bar style system is suitable for those that want quality sound but don’t want to invest in the full home cinema package, or for the many of us short of space. The bar can be conveniently attached to the wall, and provides power output of 4x 100W. However, unlike the comparative Samsung and LG varieties, this one comes without a built in Blu-ray drive.


The 2.1 series delivers impressive surround sound at a more modest price, with two slim speakers to subtly complement your flat screen TV. The speakers are height adjustable and offer 3 x 100W in power output.

The speakers feature decoders for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, and monitor the sound field with a built in microphone. The systems come with an intuitive preset remote, which can also be used with other Pioneer equipment.

The range is due out in December with these prices: The HTP-610 at £599, the HTP-SB510 at £599 and the HTP-FS510 at £499.