Marmitek Connect350 and Split312: High definition HDMI hubs

Clumsy cable clutter is the often the bane of a living room’s existence. Behind your TV set can be like a clump of Medusa’s Hair – although last time we checked, there usually aren’t any snakes involved.

All that is about to change. Marmitek have announced the release of two cable collaters for today’s high definition generation – but not only do they provide cleanliness, they also give you great amount of flexibility with all your HDMI sources.


One of the new products is the Connect350 – and as its name suggests, it offers supreme connectivity. It is essentially a HDMI hub, allowing you the opportunity to connect up to five HDMI cables – be it from a HD set-top box, a games console or a blu-ray player, for example. Once the cables are all snugly in place in the Connect350, only one cable from the hub is needed to plug into your HD television set and you can switch between your devices with a remote control, with supported resolutions of up to 1080p. Perfect.

The Split312 similarly revolves around a central hub, but it has two HD outputs instead of a solitary one, meaning you can play games for half an hour on one TV, then watch a bit of that Coronation Street episode you recorded on Sky + HD last night on the other.

Very much saving on the back-bending rigour of swapping cables behind your TV set, these products indeed are high on convenience and clutter-cleansing, but it does of course promote the use multiple electrical devices at the same time which, in a time of global concern, isn’t the best message to disseminate to the public. But hey, who really cares when you can switch between two HDMI devices at the touch of a button? Quite a few people, probably.

Both products can be bought for a recommended retail price of £39.95.