Pioneer XW-NAC3 review: Twice as nice

Latest Gadgets had a chance to test Pioneer’s latest addition to the KODO range, the Pioneer XW-NAC3. It packs a lot of nifty features in, which makes it stand out in a very, very crowded market. The most notable feature is the dual docks enabling you to charge an iPhone and an iPod at the same time. So for households with multiple iPhones this speaker dock will be useful. Using the shuffle feature you can playback music from both devices and share libraries – great for DJ-ing at parties.


For all the music lovers, the sound quality is impressive with its full spectrum audio speakers and passive radiators. It offers powerful bass, almost enough to deafen your neighbours. You can connect using the built-in bluetooth so you have no need for an adaptor. What is also impressive is that it uses sound retriever AIR to restore sound quality after bluetooth transmission providing a full, deep sound.

The KODO XW-NAC3 includes built-in internet radio and it is DLNA compliant to enable you to play music stored on your computer. It also has a composite video output enabling content to be played back on your TV. For convenience, it has a credit card sized remote control. You can change the playlist and album playing with a click on the button on the remote. The LCD display is bright and clear and will show the artist name and song name while playing. The display shows a LED clock with a wake-up and sleep function.

Comparing the Pioneer KODO XW-NAC3 to its competitors, it has some unique features. The only thing it is missing is Wi-Fi. For wireless streaming, you might consider the Revo IKON, although it only has a single dock.

The newest addition complements the KODO range and joins it sister dock, the wall-mounted Pioneer XW-NAW1. The Pioneer KODO XW-NAC3 is a high-end dock with lots of features to provide convenient access to your music library. It is available from Amazon from £294