Panasonic DJS400, HX40 and HX45 DJ headphones: Supafly Hi-Fi

Panasonic are about to release some rather cool looking DJ headphones – DJ culture is slowly penetrating the mainstream and to this end they have three new fashionable headphones – DJS400, HX40 and HX45.

With headphones becoming a fashion statement, Panasonic have gone to town on the look and quality of the design and would look pride of place on any fashion conscious music-lover.


Compared to in ear buds, over ear headphones wipe the floor with their minimal cousins. The DJS400s come in white with an orange finish. Featuring Tuned Bass, a feature, which drowns out the background noise to give you a crisp, clean, punchy sound – something integral if you are a bedroom DJ or just want to a Hi-Fi quality sound through a pair for headphones.

The HX40s go for a more minimal design, even with the compact design. Panasonic has adapted a unique Hybrid Diaphragm. The speaker diaphragm (moving part) is made from soft material (PU) on its rim part, and hard material (PET) on its inner part. The combination of PUs smooth movement and PETs rigid sound vibration results in wide frequency range without distortion.

They both featured the clever swivel flat folding mechanism allowing both sets of headphones to be stored within a minimal space.

The HX45’s not only offers superb sound quality, but its sleek polished design is also highly desirable and creates the perfect match with iPhone and iPod classic. They have a comfortable Head pad and Soft Ear pad for long periods of use, HX45 are also adapted with synthetic leather head pad and ear pads. The noise isolating ear pads also contribute to the reproduction of Hi-Fi sounds.

If you’re a fashion conscious person and want some great sounding headphones, you can’t go wrong with any of Panasonic’s new range, whether you’re a DJ, someone who wants something more comfortable than ear buds or just want to look cool.