Epson unveils high-end EH-R4000 & EH-R2000 and budget EHTW3600 & EH-TW3200 full HD projectors at IFA

Latest Gadgets met up with the good people of Epson to talk about their new range of projectors at IFA.

Epson are world number 1 in projectors, so they have some interesting ideas about where the market will be heading. Most interesting was what they didn’t launch, and they boldly proclaimed there wouldn’t be any Epson 3D projectors on display at IFA. Nor would there be any pico projectors. I spoke to several Epson representatives about this and they all pointed to one of Epson’s core values – image quality and how it simply isn’t possible to produce high quality images either in 3D or from a pocket sized projector at the moment.


This core value of high image quality was repeated again and again. When we were shown the Epson EH-DM3, which features an integrated DVD/DIVX player and microphone for karaoke, Epson pointed out that it can easily be used with the lights on, due to high quality brightness.

Projectors are expensive however, which can be off-putting to casual consumers – especially with prices of HD TVs crashing lower and lower. Epson are keenly aware of this and launched the EHTW3600 and EH-TW3200 – two entry-level 1080p projectors, with an image size of up to 300 inches and two HDMI inputs. Despite being entry level projectors, image quality is still high, powered by Epson’s 3LCD technology (there is a very detailed explanation on Epson’s website about what this is) and the projectors work in daylight, with an output of 1,800 (EH-TW3200)-2,000 (EH3600) lumens.

Serious home cinema enthusiasts – y’know guys with a dedicated cinema room, should check out Epson’s new high end projectors – the EH-R4000 and EH-R2000, which have ridiculously high dynamic contrast ratios (1,000,000:1 for the EH-R4000 and 500,000:1 for the EH-R2000). We shuffled into a room to watch selections from Ice Age, The Dark Knight Returns and Mission Impossible on Blu Ray via the EH-R4000 and the image quality was eye-poppingly good thanks to the HQV processor. The contrast was also impressive – especially in the darker sections of Mission Impossible 3. Definitely one to watch, (the EH-R4000, not Mission Impossible 3, which is mediocre at best).

• The EH-TW3600 is €1,399 and the EH-TW3200 is €999
• The EH-R4000 and EH-R2000 will be available from November.


Epson contacted us with details of UK pricing, which are:

EH-R2000 £2999.99
EH-R4000 £4999.99
EH-TW3200 £899.99
EH-TW3600 £1299.99